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  • Friendly reminder that it's ok to support more than one kpop group.
  • Friendly reminder that just because you only support one kpop group, it doesn't make you better than people that support others too.
  • Friendly reminder that fan wars are immature and you are allowed to support any group you like.
  • Friendly reminder that you can still be a kpop fan even if you have never seen your group perform live, don't own any merchandise and don't live in Korea.
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    CL: “#ciao”


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    CL and TOP in their own world 

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    Bora in ‘Give It To Me’ era
    ↳ requested by tokki-bean

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    When people say “culture is meant to be shared” I’m literally like ???? Because that has literally never been the purpose of any culture. Culture is about identity, community and family. It’s about tradition. It is not and has never been about “sharing”.

    Say it!

    They keep saying “shared” when they mean “made available for my consumption.”

    and boom goes the dynamite

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    why the fuck am i crying

    literally me during any situation that is slightly emotional  (via hawthorwn)

    Me during commercials, movies, reading inspirational stories, listening to music etc etc.

    (via theeclectanista)

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